the night is cold

i am afraid you say

climb into me

there is a hole in my chest

clumsily you enter

i will protect you

as my chest grows tight around

your insecurities

we walk through the night


xTx said...

this made me want to cry

An Unreliable Witness said...

Fucking hell.

I say again.

Fuck. Ing. Hell.

jereme said...

you shit heads are too nice as usual.

Samantha said...

that was lovely

jereme said...

samantha you are nice. thanks.

xTx said...

samantha is nice and V and I are shitheads.

I see how you roll Jereme...

Ani Smith said...

Aw baby, Jereme just knows how me and you like it a little rough is all.

jereme said...

shit head is a term of endearment. I do not know Samantha and have no attachment to her.

hence the non-use of the term.

if you knew me it all, you would know i don't believe in "nice".

now let's go extinguish cigarettes on our forearms to try to stop our brains from thinking for a brief second.

yeah that sounds fun.

shit heads.