French film blurred

He peels the onion light
To drench it over the
Smooth and smoothly fucking
Bodies of evidence

They mate in elongated vowels
Copulate to the slowest of motions
Watched by a chicken liver girl
Skinning her tangerine

I have a disadvantage in not
Speaking a second language
Their orgasm pales into
Sans serif insignificance

The television gives up ghosts
The screen is snowbound
The chicken liver girl
Dribbles juice down her chin


An Unreliable Witness said...

And yes, it is the title of a song by Wire. They have good titles. I think all my poems on PIFFLE for the foreseeable future might have Wire song titles as, er, titles.

xTx said...

crazy beautiful

Ani Smith said...

mmm tangerines

jereme said...

quick, some one hold me.