modern love haiku

she was in a gang

i mean a cult they cut the

breasts clean off those hoes


~otto~ said...


Brandi Wells said...

this is my favorite haiku. ever.

Ani Smith said...

Hi Brandi, welcome!

Can I just say that this haiku is awful and wrong, it promotes violence towards women and it doesn't even make sense. Plus hoes is so ordinary.

[Please sir, may I have some more?]

An Unreliable Witness said...

Hoes have breasts now?

Wow. What strange garden implements do you guys have over there in Americky?

Here in Britain we just have spades with penises. Far easier.

ty bluesmith said...

Remember how we used to talk about bustin out we'd break their hearts together


never say goodbye
never say goodbye-eee-eye

Roberta said...

i always return rakes to the garden centre if they have breasts attached.

(this haiku made me laugh a lot.)

ty bluesmith said...

murder makes you laugh roberta? i mean. like i'm shocked and shit.

Roberta said...

you're just bitter because your cult cut your nipples off.

ty bluesmith said...

they only got one. the left one is inverted. hot right?