Assisted Suicide

Left her the packet of big league
And 47 red ants (I counted)
Said choke on it you bitch
Then hung myself in the living room
And died right on her
How do you like me now


ty bluesmith said...

Big League Chew? Did Big League Chew really make it onto Piffle? That is beyond hot.

~otto~ said...

home run

ex tee ex said...

going, going, gone!

Ani Smith said...

Chew that pink stuff all day.

Xtx: haha! Literally.

Brandi Wells said...

this is maybe my new favorite blog.

An Unreliable Witness said...

Wow, that's some local clergyman you had a visit from.

Monkeypotpie said...

I only found 44 red ants after she called to help me clean up your mess.

So thanks. Those things multiply.

jereme said...

the jereme liked this one

i'm not going to lie

fuck yes to the big league chew

Anonymous said...

hi. i am one of your boy hoes. i love everything you do.

No. 1 (only slightly deranged) fan said...

You're back! BACK!

Ani's Piffles bring all the boys to the yard