Mom's gonna be sooooo mad

Mom says come in from the cold
Brush the snow off your jeans
Brush the wine stains off your lips
The boss wants you ready to give him head
In TWO minutes
On your knees, cocksucker ha ha
Mom says you have to go NOW
Ow! Don't pinch me! MOM!!!!!!
Ani pinched me!!!
You're gonna be sorry
You'll see


ty bluesmith said...

i can never think of anything to say on comments anymore.

Roberta said...

Damn bosses and their unreasonable deadlines.

An Unreliable Witness said...


No. Really. Thanks.

Thanks for that line about the boss.

I feel ill now.

I blame you.

(Plus, it would hurt for me to get down on my knee(s).)

So. Yes. Cheers. Thanks.

l. said...

When I read 'mum' my first thought was:

"Hush, little baby, don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you a mockin' bird
If the mockin' bird won't sing
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring"

So I guess my therapy ain't working that good.

xtx said...

Your mom too???

Krissyface said...


Clarissa said...

This comes from " I Love you" -

Her birthday's next week,
but the word "Mom" looks so wrong
on my To Do list.

It made me laugh and you made me think of it.

Ani Smith said...

Ha. Things'll be brilliant and ace and jerks'll be wankers, everything will have an extra U in it just for fun. But mom can just never be mum to me.

Ani Smith said...

Oh and welcome Krissyface, I almost missed your new face. :)

jem said...

'Brush the snow off your jeans
Brush the wine stains off your lips' -
those two lines are like a little life story - from little girl to big girl, in two lines.