It's Sad, So Sad, So, So SO Sad...

Listen up children and hear my sorry tale
And if it gets too harrowing you can always bail
I had a little Lily and I loved her very much
I trembled and I quivered at her very touch
But wait up children for this is woeful
And will explain my face so doleful
One day I mislaid her in the folds of my bed
And the next time I saw her she was very dead
Take heed from me children and don’t do as I do
Or you’ll find your life will be coloured with blue
Don’t wash your bedclothes the way that I did
A water-logged lily is sadly horrid
Keep your sex toys safe in their little boxes
Don’t let them fall in and drown with your soxes.


Anonymous said...

Positively Vogonic!

xtx said...


Ani Smith said...

You feel better now, don't you?

Z said...

Anonymous, it's a sad and touching piece. Don't be a hater.

xtx, it is calamitous.

Ani, I do! So much better! You were absolutely right.

Krissyface said...

that's fucking beautiful.