The Untimely Death of Bunny Ears

I am 'dying'
No, really
I am 'dying'

I'm exhausted
And 'spent'
I have grown old

And overuse
Have 'withered' me

I no longer know
Whether I am here
For 'emphasis'

Or for 'irony'
To make a 'point'
Can you help me?

I am 'fading' fast
My bunny ears are
Wilting, even 'drooping'

This is it
This is 'the end'
Goodbye, 'cruel' world


(And in my last breath
I will whisper to you
That I feel 'neutral'
About this poem)


jereme said...

i like this very much.

Ani Smith said...


gena said...

having a 'neutral facial expression' is a 'guarantee' to become 'famous' on 'blogger'

An Unreliable Witness said...

I feel 'grateful' for your comments.

Brandi Wells said...

great title