Hi from Camille*

nimble nimble stamp spay!
usable wary filth left!
wax finis rang.
pastor bran bikini finis?
sanies pent.
etcher fart enemy cynic!
damsel limbo sown far.
vox linger recite.
yellow gift nopal.
lotah teens scanty denary!
lordly filly limbo.
usable stamp dot digger.
wary donate enemy delete.
fealty damsel lordly dot!
lotah byword teens molar.
cynic giaour furfur.
midget recite hamlet.
nopal spay.
paraph cynic cod trite?
shaver lucky sanies creamy?
nimble morion stamp rang.
digger bran yellow paraph?
need fart.
runt morion racing denary?
lunacy giaour graph.
jaunty noil plasma.
scanty grew gig acacia.
digger trite.
tirade fealty dam recite?
tirade enter byre barium.
scout creamy sown.
lucky solid hamlet leaves!
juror typhus vox.
limbo far orange.
pent stamp usable pent!
acacia cynic noil lucky!
shaver solid runt diaper!
leaves bran far bran!
muddy typhus.
recite nude donate disk?
hamlet enemy furfur hamlet?
drum dot left filly?
toils byre shaver nude.
recite sown.
leaves leaves forgo jaunty.
denary diaper etcher melee!
stamp shaver.
hamlet assert etcher spay?
napoo stamp assert leaves?
spay gig tizzy.
assert rang.
denary lordly.
leer recite lucky tirade!
creamy nopal linger barium?
wary trite delete limbo!
sanies denary advise.
runt nopal juror.
disk stamp scout toils.
sanies enter bracer solid.
bran damsel paraph scout?
fart furfur disk morion.
lordly scout shaver.
fart paraph wax finis!
leaves lordly.
fealty advise.
juror finis drum bumpy.
etcher gleam toils kersey!
midget assert usable raging.
nude dam need castor!
asthma wax forgo limbo!
dam pub graph.
fealty cod leer cod!
tirade nimble rang.
cod recite.
juror delete cynic.
spay finis.
shaver gig drum pub?
leaves leer melee need?
wary byword creamy.
yellow enter.
wary fealty juror napoo!
typhus assert left.
scanty juror jaunty shaver?
lucky pent kersey solid!
etcher dot byre.
nude limbo wary hamlet!
etcher filly byword.
usable pastor enemy sown!
wary lunacy sown.
lunacy bumpy graph solid.
forgo bran bran.
creamy bikini teens acacia!
digger gleam cod zeal.
damsel creamy left trite?
filly midget.
rang juror juror gleam!

* This is not my poem. These are the words of Camille - whoever she is - from the spam email she sent me this morning. Reading it, I discovered that it was the greatest work of surrealist poetry ever.**

** This may be open to debate.


gena said...

what's with all the latin?

but yes. she has a way with words. i am in love!

Ani Smith said...

We should invite her to piffle.