Why Wouldn’t You Pretend Fuck Me In Starbucks?

I’d given you the opening:
leaned back, spread my legs…
I mean, I was only asking for
a few half-hearted thrusts like
3 at most

You were all,
The guy’s right there…” and
“…they probably have video cameras…”
(you motioned to the invisible corners of the store)

I was like,
It would’ve only taken 3 seconds and
we could’ve forever said,
‘that was the Starbucks we pretend fucked in’
whenever we passed it, but
it’s too late now…”

You said it would’ve ended up on
YouTube or something.

You said they would’ve recognized
your bat tattoo.

Whatever,” I said. “You used to be fun…”

Then I went outside and poured hot coffee all over my wrist so that I could feel something.


ty bluesmith said...

i prefer chai lattes with dbl shots don't fuck up the order next time


DJ Berndt said...


Jaded Bunny said...

Sometimes hot coffee is better than a 3 second fuck.

Roberta said...


were you that girl on youtube pourig black coffee or white coffee with a flavoured shot in all over her wrist?

*tries to get the important facts straight.*

~otto~ said...

My sperm is like hot coffee, but not after three seconds, more like three hours. You really have to work it up to boiling.

jem said...

I love the thought of the bat tattoo, and I'd rather read this than watch that scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' anyday!