A kept man

I am going to allow you
To write a poem now

I am being allowed to write a poem
It seems we are making progress

As long as you behave yourself
No funny business, funny boy

No funny business, no
I'll be a good boy, not a funny one

I'm only letting you write a poem
Because otherwise you might be missed

You think? You really think I might be missed?
I'm sure you're wrong; you're far too kind

But I missed you, didn't I?
Which is why I came and took you

So what can I write? What can I say?
What can I put in my poem? Please?

You can say that you have gone away
But that you are having a lovely time

I have gone away, but I am having
A lovely time here in ...

No, none of that, you naughty boy
No names or places. Or else, or else ...

I am having a lovely time, really and truly
I am most definitely not being kept in a cellar

Good. Yes. Good. That's good
You are not being kept against your will, are you?

I am not being kept against my will, and
I am allowed to type each day between midday and one

I don't want to stop your creativity
As long as the poems are all about me

Yes, you encourage my creativity
As long as the poems are all about you

Which they are, of course

Which they are, of course

All of your poems are about me, aren't they?

All of them, all of my poems are about you


xTx said...

such a well behaved prisoner..er, houseguest you are....

ty bluesmith said...


Ani Smith said...

I luv u wok!!!!1

Cheerful One said...

All this time, I thought they were about me