your mom is my feces

everyone looking at everyone

some more famous than others

and a few claimin hater

wishing ani would ask them to join


~otto~ said...

yeah, doo doo times mista

Ani Smith said...

I didn't want to say anything because people would think the only reason I like this is that my name is in it, but I can assure everyone now that I am not that shallow. I mean, ask all the poets you know (ahem), I never go around begging them to write about me.

The real reason I like this is because IT FOLLOWS THE RULES, OTTO, YOU CHEEKY THING.

Just kidding, I like this because it's good, Ty. You told a big story in a few words and judging by the length of this comment, that is admirable.

ty bluesmith said...

Thanks Ani and Otto. It's good to know some ppl are reading. It makes all the diff in the world yo. Like we're all cool friends on here well some of us and then other sorry ass writers from oh idk somewhere in the US who think they are the bomb but really are not can't post on here and that really makes me happy too ok.

~otto~ said...

There are rules??? What rules???

ty bluesmith said...

i don't think you have the correct email addy in the piffle thread yo.

Ani Smith said...

Dude, first rule of fight club is?!

(Xtx knows this one)

ty bluesmith said...

the first rule of fight club is that both of those boys look like little pussies

xTx said...

ty bluesmith shut your mouth!

leave my tyler alone!

~otto~ said...

Every time I look at this poem, the title gets funnier and funnier. I laugh hard and harder. I just peed myself.

Ani is my bitch.