Reverse polarity mid-life crisis

Check out my wang
I know rude words!
Rude words! Rude words!
Look! I have written
The word WILLY!
On the kitchen wall!
In blunt crayon!
And I have written
Rude words for girly bits!
In felt tip pen on
My sister's forehead!
Mommy, I am so clever
I am so clever, aren't I?
Can I have a cookie?
A cookie, Mommy?
Can I? Can I? Can I?
Wang! Wang! Wang! Wang!
Willy! Willy! Willy! Willy!
Girly bits! Girly bits! Girly bits!
I am 37 years old
Going on four or five
This is some mid-life crisis


xTx said...

mid-life crisis? it sounds like my everyday behavior.

Doesnt said...

You're very funny, man.

~otto~ said...

Stay gold, Ponyboy... Stay gold...