Limerick Of Implied Violence #2

There once was a bloke with a knife
Who had a six-headed wife.
Brandishing it: ‘sweetie,
This will not be pretty.’
And then her heads were five.


ex tee ex said...

both brilliant and fun. like anal sex

An Unreliable Witness said...

Oh damn. xtx stole my comment. (Possibly.)

Actually, I didn't think of anal sex. I thought of Henry VIII. Not Henry VIII having anal sex, I hasten to add. Though he may well have done, being a good - or rather, bad - Catholic boy. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, Henry VIII. I kept thinking of him. I kept thinking how much easier those constant executions would have been for him if he'd had a six-headed wife rather than six different wives each with their own single head. Because, like, if he'd had a six-headed wife, he could have kept the same missus the whole of his reign and wouldn't have been put in the situation where he had to get to know a new one each and every time, only to discover that he really didn't like her very much. Or that she was French. (Which is, admittedly, kind of one and the same thing.)

It's okay. I'm going now.

Robb Todd said...

Love it

jereme said...

the funny thing about anal sex, when a chick likes it she fucking loves it.

Roberta said...

'Not Henry VIII having anal sex, I hasten to add.'


(And thanks guys. :) )