editor haiku

please accept my words

or i will hurt myself umm

not really but please


Roberta said...

^ I hope this is part of your submissions covering letter.

ty bluesmith said...

Umm. You Prolly won't believe this but I actually just wrote something very similar:)

Ani Smith said...

Will there be pictures?

An Unreliable Witness said...

Dear Mr Bluesmith,

Our new lit mag, Masturbatory Squirrel, would be delighted to publish your new piece of prose. However, before we do, please send three vials of your blood to the following address to prove that you really have hurt yourself in order to feature in our venerable journal. We like to feel wanted, after all.

Yours sincerely,
Gilbert O'Squirrelbait
Editor and jumped-up teaboy

ty bluesmith said...

Mr. O'Squirrelbait. Please send along the required DNA test results form at your earliest convenience. The proper shipping procedure was detailed in an earlier email I believe.

Unfortunately, the current state of the world requires us to know without a doubt that we are in fact dealing with a member of the O'Squirrelbait family before our business can proceed.

And I'm telling you right now.

If you turn out to be a Von Squirrel or a Van Squirrel there will be problems. Those Nazi bastards killed my great grandpa squirrel.