There are too many monkeys in my hall

Given up on bottle tops
Given up on wooden toys
Given up on matchsticks
And given up on stamps

Counting and counting
I am discovering
Every single species
Of monkey in the world

My new direction
My new collection
My new obsession
My new predilection

Bring me the head of
Every dead monkey
Bring me the head of
Every murdered ape

Shape their mouths
Open wide their eyes
Flare their nostrils
Moulding monkey masks

Looks of horror
Looks of terror
Looks of laughter
Looks of murder

The heads of monkeys
Suspended from ropes
Staring, still stare
From my whitened walls

Be my monkey, please


petemaskreplica said...

Do they have hats?

Ani Smith said...

This poem is freaking me out slightly.

Cheerful One said...

Could you lend us a monkey?