(Flippin') Sweet Jesus

Jesus was my cashier at
In-N-Out today
He made my Double-Double

After I thanked him
we made small talk
(lunch rush was over)
Bonded quite a bit and
I thought, Jesus is pretty fuckin’ cool.

On my way out he goes
so I lean in and he says,
“Go to Red Lobster Monday night,
I’m making all the food look like it does on
the commercials.”

“Fuckin’ sweet!” I say.
“Whoops, pardon my French Jesus.”

“No worries my son…it’s all good.”

Then he fist pumped me.


Ani Smith said...

Dude, I never run into him, I keep running into the red guy. Lucky girl.

ty bluesmith said...

nobody fucks with the jesus.

An Unreliable Witness said...

Did Jesus of the Christ die for this?
No! He died for the monkeys!

I am a little confused.