hALLENucination # 1

I saw
the best minds
of your generation
waiting for
the worst minds
of my generation.
You wanted to rescue
You wanted to heal
You were meant
to forget and forgive.
You saw
the nonsensical yet innocuous
hope we stored
(being threatened, yes)
(resting potential, I guess.)
All you could say
was: I saw
I saw them I'm sure
they haven't seen anything


Ani Smith said...

Yes. Yessssss!

l. said...

Shhhhhh :P

Ani Smith said...

Sorry. I am excited. :)

An Unreliable Witness said...


And indeed ... woah.

Sorry. Am speechless.

(And between Ani and myself, I think we are determined to make you blush. Ha.)

ty bluesmith said...

my nihilism just crumbled.