The internet hates me
It locks me out
Don’t write! I’m not going to let you
Parade about the internet
Saying: You’re great!
I’m in a sulk
As a result

Ani said
It doesn’t have to be poems
Just write short lines
Everyone will think it’s poetry
Bad poetry, but poetry, nevertheless
Word gives me capitals
But neglects the metre

I bet I can’t post this
I’ll click on the link
The internet
Will explode
In a whirling blue circle
Most of the time now

(Quick! It let me! Ani, I love you, Jereme I like yours too, xtc I think you're great, Mr. Witness, yours in awe, as usual)


Ani Smith said...

Wow. This is so amazing. I love the way you channeled the existential loneliness of today's technologically advanced lifestyle, while at the same time highlighting the tragic need to communicate we all suffer, universal themes in a modern world that connects us with one hand while alienating us with the other.

Or something.

[What the hell is wrong with it?]

An Unreliable Witness said...

So, wait, we're supposed to read those emails? Oh. I guess that explains why I've got it wrong so far.

Ani Smith said...


xtx said...

i feel like this every minute of every day. way to go z

jereme said...

i piss on metre

good job Z

jem said...

Made me smile. With Ani's advice the rules of literature could been entirely re-written, not such a bad thing!