Another cucumber sandwich, vicar?

I am
far too British
for the oeuvre
of Tarantino

I still
wish to play out
my fantasies
of gruesome murder

On film
but it will be
to a soundtrack
of brass band music

I sip
my hot sweet tea
from bone china
little finger cocked

Before I
carefully put
a hole in your
head with a hammer

I learned
such murderous
intentions from
an English childhood

We are
polite and speak
with cut glass accents

As we
bury one more
close relative
under the floorboards


xtx said...


jereme said...

don't you people all live in castles in the UK?

the american television tells me so.

Ani Smith said...

Of course. I'm renting my castle from the duke of wellington. Comes with free murderous butler.

jem said...

I like this. It strikes a chord I can relate to following the previous violent pieces. Its very Ealing Comedy!