you give me moths baby

hi piffle! :) this is my first time. ha. (this is in honor of a certain george michael song)

my barely
heart acts like a
school girl
around him.
he makes my moths flutter.

my body sways in sync
with his lyrics:
i want your sex baby
you and me--
it's physical and natural.

i dream he's singing to me.
his nicotine breath
with my goody two shoes
peppermint smell.

shivers chase the moths
when he sings
i love you so bad it hurts
don't you think it's time we had sex.

yes baby yes.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I'm the first to comment and I only have one thing to say. But I can't say it. Noone could deny you are Lissa!

Clarissa said...

I read in the title:

You give me 9 months, baby.


Cynthia said...

a fluttery seduction, each line
taking me closer, sweet.

lissa said...

ha clarissa. that's brilliant. it's kind of scary that i captured the voice of a 14 year old this well. this probably says something about me that i really don't want to hear. :]

Anonymous said...

I particularly like "shivers chase the moths when he sings"..... great imagery!