Present company excepted

so anyway I was sitting round a table a big table with lots of people well a few people well five people and I thought oh they're quite nice people really nice and inoffensive and nice and small talk and nice and I drank my drank and drink my drink and nodded and smiled and smiled and nodded and said a few things agreed a few things mildly disagreed with a few other things but wasn't quite myself wasn't at all myself wasn't very what's the word I don't know anyway so it was a nice table in a nice garden outside a nice pub nice nice nice again see but all the time I was thinking I would rather be sat with five other people with whom I could be more myself and who get me and getting me is important very important plus plus plus I could then use that utterly filthy and reprehensible innuendo that just occurred to me but not here no not here no definitely not here not now not right now not with these people no that would not be a good idea


Cheerful One said...

Inoffensive. Oh dear.

Goddamnright said...

Hee hee.

(I would like for there to be a world wide boycott of the word nice for a day, maybe a week or even a month. And do some really manic, really not-nice schadenfreude-fueled laughter at those people who say, 'hey, you look like a nice girl, she's so NICE, isn't that just...really really...nice!' and then get dragged away by the anti-nice people.)

jem said...

This reads like the incessant babble inside my head.

Good point made by Goddamright - as kids we were told ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’ but also told at school to avoid the word as it added nothing useful to our writing. We can’t win.