Teens dig my thing

Every one of my attempts to engage you
turns into this jelly baby;
my diction shifts beside you.
Like a Wikipedia page that leads to nowhere.

One day, our ideas will fuck each other like we do:
without lube—
or with,
if they can find it in the dresser drawer.

Maggots clean and piercing
so not maggot-       like
It's hard to be yourself when you don't know who that is
if we ever get out of this death trap you must promise.

This is a thing that could never be a thing.
Like our thing, that was a thing then wasn't,
do you remember?
You said I smelled like applesauce and I said it's over.


~otto~ said...

You do smell like applesauce, which is nice

An Unreliable Witness said...

It was all going so well until the last line. Replace 'applesauce' with Nutella ... please?