The pits

I am lying with my pits upwards
I am drowning in this pit, downwards
I am so fine, lick that
I am so right, taste gravel
I am inside your prayers
I am sellotaped under your prayer mat
I am shedding lambswool clothing
I am (b)eating defenceless animals
I am mutually masturbating with shadows
I am making a list and checking it twice
I am hammering a nail in your round robin
I am lying in this pit, downwards
I am opening my pits, outwards


~otto~ said...

I am glad I read this
I am

Marvin K. Mooney said...

I am Marvin K. Mooney.
I am not Marvin K. Mooney.
I am unsure if you are him.
I am interested in...

~otto~ said...


especially this:

I am (b)eating defenceless animals

~otto~ said...

(sorry it was so good I just had to say something two ... no, now three times)