Deserving of an orgasm, in the night she wandered

(As rejected by L4 for being too 'vaginy' and 'grody' - yesss!)

this thing it's so big
it tears my orgasm from me
like half-hanging-off teeth
with a satisfied dull pop

pushing your tampon too far in is worrisome sometimes
but leaving it too far out sometimes chafes
like where the ice skating rink was in winter
a chick that holds it for you like a hose while you spray

a light sprinkling of milk chocolate syrup
mars your snowy torso
insensitive jerks intone proclamations
of you needing to get laid

sadly peering into your openings
the puss and play congeal
when do you think we might be friends?
when i'm a balloon animal with a twisted bulb for a nose?

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jereme said...

you need to get laid.