only the passing crows noticed i felt empty like a scarecrow that day that existed within your smile

i told you
you are the ice cube
within the coffee cup
suffocating in the steaming black liquid

the coffee is strife
a metaphor for life
on this planet

you giggled
rolled your eyes the way you do
and sipped the cooled coffee

a vice
introduced to

i was wrong

the coffee is not strife
but my negativity
& apathy
towards living

the ice cube
your heart
& love
for a man
for me

another vice
i introduced
to you


xTx said...

love this

Ani Smith said...

The thing about you is rhythm, I think.

jereme said...

poem <3 xtx


i think you mean repetitious.

Ani Smith said...


i think you mean melodic.

jereme said...

quick some one rub my boner before it dissipates.