Danger Mouse

In a Devil’s Town
we had the longest summer
with word games and
the heaviest belts
around our necks

I cried when you left
to play with fire

Clash songs

In the din of Middle Earth,
bits of flying things
your shopworn skin
into my mouth
I taste you with my tongue

I knew you would be so sweaty

If my desire were tangible
you would kill yourself
before its wake

If the phone doesn’t keep ringing
you can never learn all the words to my songs

When you are ready
to wrestle again
you know where to reach me


jereme said...

this is really good

what's the meaning behind the neck belts? you've referenced them before i think

i want to know damnit

xTx said...

neck belts.

they help to hold up yer torso.

~otto~ said...

belts + necks = you know what the fuck they equal

fuck yes