The beaten generation

End corporal punishment now, they cry
Change the child's behaviour
By hanging it from a window ledge
To show it the error of your ways

End capital punishment here, they shout
Replace it with a kinder, gentler
Warm-hearted fist to each tender face
We'll teach them a thing or two

End their punishment here, they beseech
With the victim's head resting
In the curve of your still, even lap
Lean forward, kiss their breath to sleep

End your punishment here, you ask
Standing clothed in bleeding shades
Wringing each drop of forced sincerity clean
Into the six-foot pit, lined with love


Ani Smith said...

I don't know, I can't say I'm opposed to corporal punishment. Ahem. I quite like the stern tone of this poem though.

Alistair Campbell said...