Rallying the troops

The thing about that shit is you have
to want to get hurt. Be afraid.
That's healthy. But desire has to
overpower fear. And how do we do
that? she asks. Well sexual frustration
of course. That's right. No Jedi mind
tricks here baby. We just don't come.
We don't come for days. Weeks maybe.
However long it takes we don't come.
We watch porn. Leer at the boys on the
street in front of the shop. Thumb the
girlie mags. Rub each other senseless.
any circumstances. Because once you
blow your load, you get comfortable.
You want to have a cigarette, you relax,
bake a cake or whatever the fuck you do.
And that's when they come crashing your
hideout and taking your women. Or in
your case, taking you. Do you want
them to take you? Do you? No. I don't
want them to take you either. So no
fuckin' funny business, you there in
the back. I'm watchin' you. Keep that
shit in check. You may be schooled and
read all them fancy books, but your
body? It's still a body like any other.
It's still a body like your ancestors
had, and it wants just one thing. It
wants for survival. Unfortunately for
your body the rules of survival have, how
shall we say, changed, in the last few
hundred years. SO NOW, on top of
fighting the power you have to fight
yourself, grapple with your own mind.
You have to outsmart your body. Only
then can we all come victorious.


An Unreliable Witness said...

This made me want to bake a nice moist, melt in the mouth Victoria sponge. Which is a good thing.

xTx said...

im not sure i'm agreeing with this....

Ani Smith said...

AUW: Mmmmmm. Cake. Yes please.

Xtx: Which part? I will totally change that shit for you right now. You know you're my girl.

ty bluesmith said...

you are insane.