The PIFFLE Video Sessions: not your average flow

A slightly incongruous poetic turn, An Unreliable Witness treats us to a Shakespearean-style rendition of a couple of verses of that early nineties classic, Method Man by Wu Tang Clan. Um. Yes, you read that correctly. And uh, no. I didn't bribe him or threaten to behead his budgie so he'd do this for my amusement. Much.


ty bluesmith said...

cuz i'm not butter

ex tee ex said...

the best.


Sir Ian McKellen, noted thespian said...

Dear boy, I do not believe that I could have done better. Please join me in my production of the Bard's Richard III in Stratford-upon-Avon next season. I thank you.

[exeunt, with theatrical bow]

Robb Todd said...

on and on like popcorn

jereme said...

that was pretty funny auw.

you had me laughing a few times and that is hard to do.

you sound so proper it works perfectly.