Oh, I hope it does

The noises I make when you’re doing it right
Are the noises I make when I’m happy
Did you lose weight? Cut your hair? You look different. You look good.
No it’s these jeans
They’re French
You can bet your (considerably bigger than my) ass I look good
And I’m happy so I smile
And I make the noises inside
It’s all in the vibration
It has a ricochet effect on my walk.


xTx said...

glad u took that last line and ran with it.

i did it on purpose.

Ani Smith said...

Took it and ran with it in the completely opposite direction! Loved that.

An Unreliable Witness said...

The line 'ricochet effect on my walk' is brilliant. And makes one (well, me, anyway) want to follow it on in true Consequences style. But I can't think of anything. Damn.

Z said...

xTx - I couldn't resist :)

Ani - this is why I was never any good at team sports.

Mr. Witness - I am pleased it has you confounded...