The inglorious hereafter

I whispered at dawn that you're beautiful
It bears repeating here, mouthing the words

As day turned darker, I saw the light
The sky collapsed, shrouding my brutality

Sat side by side in this pale moonlight
Our hillside overlooks the seamy streets

Your hair, my love, is as golden as ever
Even as viscous blood thickens its strands

May I turn your head to gaze in your eyes?
Your always dead eyes, still gone, vanished

Caress your mouth, your parted lips, expectant
Waiting for an exhalation, giving me a sign

You were cold towards me, so cold, and so
You become colder still, colder still, into ice

Your perfect legs remain unflinching to my touch
Breaking them to carry will surely break me too

I promised to take you far from here, oftentimes
I'll take you even further, I swear on your grave

Your skin is not what it once was, not sweet
Your face that fell has dropped through the floor

Your heart, it no longer beats for me
Your heart, it no longer beats at all

Your life curdles round the kitchen knife
The handle sucked up by your sunken soul


Ani Smith said...

I suddenly feel very Jeliza Rose.

jem said...

Scary but beautiful at the same time. I love the breaking legs bit.

K said...

Truely grotesquely beautiful. I'm in awe of how you manage to set such tones.

andre said...

this post makes me sigh. really deeply sigh.


An Unreliable Witness said...

Ani - wink, wink.

Jem - Yeah, I liked the breaking legs bit too. I have a thing about legs. Not that I'm JEALOUS of anyone's pairs of legs, of course.

K - Thank you. It's all based on absolute realism, you know.

Andre - Thanks, but please don't sigh. None of it is based on absolute realism.