here is a shitty poem because i feel bad i haven't posted in a long time

i walk home at dusk
everything seems unknown
the lawn chairs are laughing
the moon is laughing
the spider is laughing
i have three keys on my ring
the first doesn't work
the second doesn't work
the third is tight
i panic and think
i do not belong here
but then the door opens
to a small room i do not recognize


i walk home at dusk
everything seems alone
the lawn chairs are reticent
the moon is weeping
the spider is laughing
the lock feels violent
or what lies behind the lock
a cell i call home


i walk home at dusk
the lawn chairs are broken
the moon is hidden
the spider is crushed
there is no lock
only an empty doorway
to a darkness i don't
want to feel anymore


now there is no more walking
there is no more dusk
there is no more anything
spider, moon, chair or me
there is only universe
there is nothing left to
chronicle my failures

this coming event is my
only comfort


Ani Smith said...

I love you, Jereme.

An Unreliable Witness said...

I, for one, am glad you came back here.

Take care, Jereme.

ex tee ex said...

this is like having the hottest make out every 4 months.

jereme is a big tease.

K said...

Wow. So beautifully expressive I had tears in my eyes.

jereme said...

you shit birds are too nice.

xtx how is the armpit coming along?

ex tee ex said...


It's a sad, sad tale... It was growing in nicely. I showed it to folks. My right pit was "before" and my left was "after". I was very "into" my pitbush.

This past week, I ACCIDENTALLY SHAVED IT OFF!! I was on 'auto-pilot' and didn't think, and off it went.


I think you would've been proud.

(maybe this should've been an email)

jereme said...

i don't forget much and i am observe almost everything.

i rarely vocalize stuff though.

well i hope it was a good run.

email? perhaps.

andré said...

this rules