Today will be my day of productivity.
No, really.
I’ve lit nag champa. Music belting. Today

Really, I have had such a productive couple of months.
Whilst I have put off two real life things I have done so
Much BLOGGING. Submitted stories about
Real doll dead girls. Dated some. Done so very much

The Possibly Not Very Reliable Witness says
I’m making a zine. Would you like to submit something
one day? I say
I’ll write something RIGHT NOW!

Really, I think I’m excelling at productivity.

My lunar calendar says
New moon tomorrow.
Today’s the day! I think.
Yes it, yes it is. Today’s the day
I won’t procrastinate.

Then I notice I urgently need
hobnobs. And understanding that they’re
most important of all, dash out the door, and then I’m gone.

I think I win at life.


An Unreliable Witness said...

Utter filth.

[Please don't explain to the American contingent what Hobnobs really are. It will destroy the mystigue.]

Roberta said...

I introduced an American to hobnobs the other week.

Much delight was experienced by all who partook.

An Unreliable Witness said...

I'm so glad. I find that Americans sometimes have problems with the unexpected moistness of the average Hobnob, don't you?

ty bluesmith said...

i was going to ask you if you felt like you got done what you needed to but now i'm stuck wondering about hobnobs.

Roberta said...

i actually made a really decent dent in the stuff i needed to get done.

the hobnobs helped.

Anonymous said...