Short and ineffective poem upon the occasion of my vanishing from the face of the Earth

Dear Planet,

I have had it with you
You are intensely annoying
And you smell of carbon monoxide

I am leaving you all
It's over, we're through
I have gone to a better place

I am now living blissfully
In the anonymous online catalogue
Of a commercial stock photo library

Where it is always sunny
Where people are fit and lithe
Where skin is always smooth

Search for me, if you must
Type the term 'inane'
Press Go, and there I'll be

Everyone here has dead eyes
And not a thought in their heads
We stay still all day

I'll see you soon, staring
From the pages of a lifestyle monthly
Airbrushed into idiocy


Ani Smith said...

Oooh! Can I come?! I need a holiday. Permanently.

ty bluesmith said...

"We stay still all day."