next time, close the curtains

i hear laughing
kids on the rooftop
across the alley
one on the fire escape
did they see me masturbate


Roberta said...

Someone once told me a story about seeing some guy who lived opposite masturbating in front of his window. He realised she'd seen.
When she bumped into him after he invited her for coffee.
(I can't remember what she answered. I'm going to hope 'no.')

Ani Smith said...

What fun. Too bad groups of hot chicks don't tend to hang out in fire escapes, huh Otto?

And Roberta, depending on the merchandise I would've more than likely said yes. I can't think of anything more romantic.

Roberta said...

You could have married him and had the best stories for the grandkids ..

'Your grand daddy and I met in the sweetest of circumstances. He was that dude jerking himself off in the window in full view of the street.'

An Unreliable Witness said...

Worse still is when it's firemen, coming to save you from the raging inferno, masturbating in unison on the fire escape.

Not that this has ever happened to me, I hasten to add.