Format Abuse

she tosses words around like confetti
until they - (she) - are used up
he says
he says
I like the
happy silence.


l. said...

Oh I love this!

An Unreliable Witness said...

This seems to me like a perfect equation.

(The perfect equation, for me, being an utterly unsolvable one: I was always rubbish at maths. I wish I knew the answer to how to get perfect silence.)

ty bluesmith said...

i like it too. the dbl he said is intriguing.

and i don't know or care if i spelled intriguing correctly.

Roberta said...

thanks guys.

i like that it accidentally kind of looks like an equation.

i dunno why i repeated the 'he said.' it kind of seems like a stutter, or an echo, which i could go with. and it seems a different feeling somehow read straight down like 'he says/happy silence.'

jem said...

Nice. Little but lots to like about it.