Penis Poem

Cowboy Penis
Riding the range
Marlboro Man mustache
Saving. Shooting. Stallion. Six gun.
Throw me over your saddle
remove my skirts and stays

Spaceman Penis
Cigar-shaped silver cylinder skyrocketing
into orbit
Battle the aliens
with your laser gun light speed
Captain Kirk tap that alien ass
with your supple, soft, space-hero sausage-ness
Spunk-nik floats in zero gravity

Caveman Penis
Bone throwing, dinosaur riding
Rubbing sticks together fire making
Cave dwellings longer than wide
Don’t worry
your pretty little
Neanderthal brain...
one day,
you will walk
fully erect.

Magician Penis
Top hat, cape, pencil-stache
Nothing up the sleeves!
Puff of smoke, dove and rabbit storm
You can always
make yourself disappear
then reappear
then disappear again.
The crowd applauds,


Alicia Pernell said...

gURl, yOu cRAZy!

but sincerely i say, this is most entertaining. i love penis week.

An Unreliable Witness said...

I do hope that this is part of a continuing series. I look forward, in particular, to politician penis, and milkman penis. But not priest penis. That's just wrong.

Ani Smith said...

I have a soft spot for spaceman penis.

Can we do Pussy Week next?

Alicia Pernell said...

oh yes! one vagina week, please.

Z said...

I applaud, impressed. And yes, do let's have ladies' front-bottom week.

jereme said...

this is awesome

i need some drawings to accompany though

jem said...

Made me laugh. I think Caveman Penis is my favourite - it must be the primitive in me!