Pinks & Reds

you are drinking that milkshake

oh great. now
it's on your lip

a frosty strawberry mustache

I kiss it off
which is when I notice
that blood on your shirt

You have blood on your shirt
I tell you
pointing at your sleeve

Not even looking down
you explain
about the woman you
just ''took out"
shaking your head like it was unavoidable
necessary even

I have to go to the bathroom
i tell you.

No. you tell me
hard hand on my thigh
stay here

pushing the glass towards me
you say,

"Help me....
finish my milkshake..."


An Unreliable Witness said...

I often celebrate my latest brutal murder with a milkshake. Though I tend to go for the chocolate flavour. Strawberry flavour I tend to leave for gentle manslaughter.

jem said...

There's a whole story in this. Great, unexpected, specific, warped, fun. Good one!