She tries to eat my breath
I shut her in the naughty room when I’ve picked her off my plate
A pea from my dinner clutched in her tiny silken paws
“She’s just a baby”
And the big cat raises his immaculate invisible eyebrows
I fish her out of the dishwasher
He cleans her off
She’s barely as big as his head
And she rules the roost
I think one of us was supposed to be the Alpha cat
But he looks affronted when I suggest it could have
Should have been him
It should have been me.


Ani Smith said...

Nope. This is the natural order of things. Trust me.

jem said...

Scary and wonderful at the same time. I was hooked from that first line.

Roberta said...

I want immaculate invisible eyebrows.

(Actually, I want inscrutable invisible eyebrows. Because I misread this.)

Z said...

Ani, I believe you.

Jem, thanks, and I kind of wish she wouldn't do it :)

Roberta, me too! Inscrutable invisible eyebrows is a far better image.