Anatomy of an argument

Forget it.
Forget it?
Yes. Forget it.
I've forgotten it.
Yes. For pity's sake.
You forgot it quickly.
But you said ...
Forget it. Yes.
So I did.
You did. Oh, you did.
I did.
But too quickly.
What speed?
What speed?
What? What? What?
What speed would ...?
... you like me to ...?
I'm going to kill you.
... forget it at?
I have an axe.
Do you?
No. Not really.
I thought not.
Except. I do.
Show me.
I can't.
Why not?
It is a metaphor.
A metaphorical axe?
A metaphor for what?
My mother.
Your mother?
My mother.
I love you.
Do you?
If you don't ...
Don't what?
Don't call your mother.
I thought so.
You're always right.
I know I am.
Know you are what?
Don't start that.
Start what?
That. You know.
Know what?
I have an axe.
Forget it.

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jem said...

This works well alongside the last piece posted here. And further show how ridiculous most of our communication is if you at it from a distance.