Hands together and eyes closed

If you brighten these corners
To find me sat, cross-legged, bowed
Hands raised in supplication
I'll be praying to every which way
I can find a likely idol to worship

Facing north into the hard frost
Mine eyes see only the whites of yours
Heading east, I watch the sun
Rising above you to christen and crown
Turning west, I watch it descend
Into the map of skin spread out before me
Gazing south, I see night come falling
Sucked down into your open mouth

Spirits such as these are tangible
They exist, breathing flames to anoint
When I kneel in the direction of heaven
And it answers by beating my heart

Does this mean you believe?
The pause asks, pregnant and pointed
I believe in nothing but what I touch
I respond, and my fingers stretch to feel
The slight sum total of experience
That is something of anything, of all
Of everything it could be, of nothing


ex tee ex said...

ok. it's confirmed. i can't post poems here anymore. everyone else kicks my ass.

endymion's girl said...

beautifully wrought. my heart wants to explore everything this means. my head wants to know nothing only what i think it means.

endymion's girl said...

read it again. thinking i know what its about now

Anonymous said...

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