roofies for a dead corpse, bennies for a live one

you said something about me and i have a right to know what it was
not this, not now, look here
all i have to give are fragments
mostly disconnected, lest you take the bird's eye
my insecurities are hanging on the outside of me
like the intestines of a disemboweled corpse or a baby
whose cord's not yet been severed
continuing to suck the life
what are we for?
that squirmy worm, that ratzinger
swings onto the dance floor and promptly disappears
with good enough
hanging off his arm
i shimmy up to the one
who buys the most drinks
what care i if they're spiked?
that someone would go to so much trouble to catch me
is heartwarming
such a coup deserves a fuck


RC Miller said...

damn, after reading this I'm afraid to finish today's scribblings. well said poetess slut.

An Unreliable Witness said...


[That's too short a comment for me. I can't just say 'Woah']

Woah to the power of Pi.

Ani Smith said...

RC Miller: I hope you like Vegas baby.

AUW: Bwah!

RC Miller said...

Ani Smith: I do, let's nominate that movie.